Baba Kosmi

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Hebrew: באבא קוסמי. Partner dance by Mitch Ginsburgh, first taught at Yad beYad 2016.

The music is strictly in four-beat measures throughout: eight measures for part one (which then repeats), four measures for part two (which then repeats), and four measures for part three (just once). However, part three starts early, halfway through the final measure of part two, just as the singer voices "stan". So part three of the dance has only fourteen counts total, not sixteen. Listen carefully and you'll hear the keyboard come in two counts before the end of part two.

Part one of the dance is broken into pieces with successively 7, 8, and 17 counts. That's why the second piece of part one must be started immediately, more quickly than you think---it actually begins on the final upbeat of the second measure, not on a downbeat. The third piece of part one compensates for this "missing" count with 17 counts instead of the expected 16. Again, listen carefully and you'll hear the pieces of part one of the dance starting and ending at unexpected spots.

(Concerning this analysis, Mitch says: "You spent more time counting out Baba Kosmi than I did making it!"[1])


A running joke regarding the dance was the confusion over the title, which is not native Hebrew. This resulted in many written requests with transposed letters (e.g., Baba Kimsso) or other small errors. In one notable instance, a programmer was asked for, "that baby, kiss me," dance. At Gvanim 2016, Mitch was presented with a t-shirt saying "Baby, Kiss Me" on the front and "Papa Cosmo" on the back.


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