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Yael Mahler (born December 12, 1982 in Israel) is an Israeli dancer, threatre actress, and percussionist.[1] She has performed in shows around the world, including in Israel and at Off-Broadway in New York City.[2][3]

Early life

Yael Mahler was born in Israel. Starting at the age of three, she trained in various music and dance genres, including classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.[4]


At the age of 17, Mahler joined Mayumana, an Israeli dance and drumming company, as its youngest dancer.[5] Mahler toured with Mayumana for over 10 years.[4]

Other than jazz and ballet, Mahler also focuses on dance genres such as belly dancing, African, Samba, and Zumba.[4]

In 2007, Mahler acted in a theatre act, "Be," produced by Mayumana.[1][6] The show premiered at at Off-Broadway's Union Square Theatre on February 23, 2007.[7][8]

Mahler is also a percussionist. She has performed with Israeli artists Harel Shachal,[9] Mosh Ben-Ari,[10] Din-Din Aviv,[11] among others.


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