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To help HoraWiki preserve information that shouldn't be lost, there is now an easy way to put a video onto a HoraWiki page.

Here's the sort of videos we're looking for:

  • Choreographers explaining the origin or meaning or something special about a dance
  • Yourself, telling a historical anecdote or giving important facts about a dance, a choreographer, a camp, or some other topic
  • Any other video appropriate for an encyclopedia of Israeli dance

We're not looking for videos of dances or teaching of dances; that function is well-handled at other sites. A unique video of an important performance might qualify. We're certainly not looking for advertising or gossip or anything non-encyclopedic.

At the moment, this service can handle only links to videos; we can't upload actual videos. The video itself must be at YouTube, Vimeo,, or other places; the complete list is here.

To add a video to HoraWiki, send an email to The subject of the email should be the name of the page that you're trying to create, for example the name of a dance. The body of the email should be a link to the video's location. Please don't put anything else in the email. And remember: Do not send a video in your email! We can't upload videos, just links to videos.

Here are a few more points:

  • Videos must not be copyrighted by someone else! You must have the right to use the video. More info here.
  • The subject of the email you send is the name of the page to create. Don't worry if the page exists already; we can handle it.
  • It's much better for a video to have a single topic: e.g. a single dance, or choreographer, or camp, or something. If a video spans several topics and should be on several pages, and can't be broken up in some way, please submit it once for each page that should contain it.
  • The goal of this service is to make it easy to put videos on HoraWiki pages. But you don't have to use it! If you know how or are willing to learn you can always create and format pages yourself as usual, including embedded video.

The suggestion to facilitate adding video information to HoraWiki is due to Danny Pollock.

Good luck, and thanks for helping make HoraWiki a more complete resource!