VeShuv Itchem

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Hebrew: ושוב איתכם, "Once More with You". Circle dance by Yonatan Gabai, 1976. (Another circle dance by Shlomo Bachar and a kids' version by Raya Spivak seem to have disappeared.) Music by Nurit Hirsh, lyrics by David (Dudu) Barak.

Choreographic notes
  • When going into the center in the first part, we go down with weight on R and hold, continuing with L-hop-R-L-R-hop-L-hop to finish the part.
  • The beginning of the second part has a variation that includes a jump with both feet back to kick the buttocks and maybe even slapping them (the feet, not the buttocks). The original choreography is:
    (1-2) jump on both, jump onto R raising L behind R
    (3-4) reverse 1-2
    (5-6) repeat 1-2
    (7-8) bounce twice on both (not "reverse 1-2").
  • The just-described sequence is followed by a two-count turn to the right and bounce twice on both, then the same to the left, with no clap anywhere.

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