Upcoming Events: 2021

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This page collects events planned for 2021, in hopes it will be useful for avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Please keep this table in order by date.

Date Event
Jan 15–16 Zlatne Uste Golden Festival
Jan 22–25 Stockton Folk Dance Winter Camp
Feb 13 Mainewoods Dance Camp
Mar 12–14 Laguna - San Antonio Spring Dance Festival
Mar 13–14 Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston
Apr 7–11 National Folk Organization conference
May 7–9 International Folk Dance camp
May 12–16 Machol Aviv
Jul 26–31 Horaor - Mechol Hashalom
Aug 8–12 Machol Europa
Aug 19–22 Gvanim
Dec 16-19 Nirkoda Ba'Kerem