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Samech Sameach

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Video greetings
including parcheesi, acey-deucey, and Sorry!.
=== <span style="color:red">Zikukim Performance (new!)</span> ===
Early in the evening, we had a break in the dancing for a performance by [[Zikukim]], one of Boston's premier semiprofessional Israeli dance troupes. Zikukim performed a piece choreographed by group director [[Becca Rausch]] for the 2014 [[Boston Israeli Dance Festival]]. (Becca herself was not dancing in the performance, because by the time of Samech Sameach her belly would have knocked the other dancers off the stage.)
A [ flyer] for the event, created by [[Rina Wagman]].
A [ video] of [[Moshiko]]'s greeting, played just before the harkada.
A [ video] of [[Danny Uziel]]'s greeting, ditto.
=== RSVPs ===

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