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Samech Sameach

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Samech Sameach (ס׳ שמח) is the name of a huge Israeli dance party scheduled for that took place on Saturday night, May 10 2014,in celebration of [ Larry Denenberg's] sixtieth birthday, which falls fell on that very day.
=== Time, Place, and Food ===
The event will take took place at the [ St. James Armenian Apostolic Church]in Watertown, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston adjacent to Cambridge. Open dancing will beginbeganat 8:30 PM and will continue continued until the dancers are were forcibly ejected from the hallat 1:00 AM.
Refreshments will be were provided by [ Ani Catering], makers offine Armenian and Middle Eastern Cuisine. [[Moshe Eskayo]] may or may did not make falafel.
=== Dancing ===
The harkadah will be was under the direction of [ [Elad Perel]],
superstar markid from the Haifa area. (In Larry's opinion, Elad's Thursday night session at the
Technion is one of the best in the country.) Elad is familiar with the local
repertoire from his leadership at [[Gvanim]] 2013 and is expected to provide provided a good timefor all. He may or may did not teach a dance or two any dances in the course of the evening.
There will also be exciting activities and entertainment The playlist for nondancing spouses, toinclude at least parcheesi, aceythe evening is [[Media:samech-deucey, and mah jonggsameach-playlist.pdf|here]].
=== <span style="color:red">Zikukim Performance (newThere were exciting activities and entertainment for nondancing spouses, including parcheesi, acey-deucey, and Sorry!)</span> ===.
=== Zikukim Performance === Early in the evening, we will have had a break in the dancing for a performance by [[Zikukim]], one of Boston's premier semiprofessional Israeli dance troupes. Zikukim will perform performed a piece choreographed by group director [[Becca Rausch]] for the 2014 [[Boston Israeli Dance Festival]]. (Becca herself will was not be dancing in the performance, because by the time of Samech Sameach her belly would knock have knocked the other dancers off the stage.)
=== History ===
[ Rachael Rosner]. The original invitation is [ here].
Note, however, that the complex admission
price structure from that event will was '''''not''''' be repeated; Samech Sameach is was free to all.
=== Directions, Parking, Public Transportation ===
minutes on Saturday night. The last bus inbound arrives at School Street at about 1:25.
=== No Gifts ! ===
In lieu of gifts, attendees are were encouraged to make a contribution to their own retirement
savings. They will appreciate it when they themselves become 60, or have children approaching
college age. Trust me.
A [ flyer] for the event, created by [[Rina Wagman]].
A [ video] of [[Moshiko]]'s greeting, played just before the harkada.
A [ video] of [[Danny Uziel]]'s greeting, ditto.
=== RSVPs ===
No RSVP is necessary, but if you are planning to attend attended you are encouraged to record the fact below , with your comments, by
[ editing this page]. (If you haven't already, you must first [[Special:UserLogin|register at
HoraWiki]].) Other changes to the page will be summarily reverted. Unless they're improvements.
Edy Greenblatt will attend because she needs an occasion on which to return the compliment he paid me a few years ago, "You used to be a great dancer." We'll see if the shoe fits, gramps.
Aliza and Howie will attend if only to hijack the party for Aliza's birthday which is the 11th. ( I can't call him gramps, I'm older).
Karen Kaplan is attending with her husband Ed, simply to prove to the IFD world that he does indeed exist.

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