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Hebrew: סונטה. Dance by Ira Weisburd, 2005.

The music, originally titled Tango to Évora, was written by Loreena McKennit and is instrumental only. A large number of covers have been recorded with added lyrics in many languages: Greek, Turkish, Farsi, Finnish, German, Kurdish, Romanian, Russian, Albanian, Hebrew.

The cover commonly used for the dance has lyrics in Albanian and is sung by Eli Fara; this version (only) is called "Sonata". The Hebrew cover is called "Nefeli" with lyrics by Chamutal Ben Ze'ev. Several covers have lyrics referring to Nefeli, the Greek cloud nymph, or with mention of clouds or angels, but otherwise the lyrics of the various versions are unconnected.


The original song, from McKennitt's album "The Visit".

A collection of covers of Tango to Évora, in nine different languages, including videos and translations.

Lyrics to the Hebrew cover.

The city of Évora, in southern Portugal.

A popular video with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, from the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".

Sonata at

Video at Rokdim