Shir Megaresh et HaChoshech

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Hebrew: שיר מגרש את החושך בלילה ("Song Banishes the Nighttime Darkness"). Circle dance by Roni Siman-Tov, 1991.

The music is originally a Georgian folk song entitled "Gogov Shen Ki Genatsvale" (Georgian გოგოვ შენ კი გენაცვალე, "You, Girl, My Beloved"). Yoav Ashriel choreographed a partner dance to the original music much earlier, in 1973; that dance is called Gogoly Gogoly from part of the lyrics.

The lyrics to the modern Hebrew version were written by Chava Alberstein.

Styling note: In the four counts just before the chorus, the hands move in opposite directions from the feet. That is, in the first count, your weight is on the right foot (touching left toe) with both arms to the left, and so forth.


Yoav Ashriel's 1973 partner dance Gogoly Gogoly

A performance of the original song as sung by the Kolan Group

Another recording of the original, and a techno version

Shir Megaresh et HaChoshech at

Video at Rokdim