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Dror Yikra (Hebrew: דרור יקרא) is a poem by Dunash HaLevi ben Labrat, poet and grammarian of tenth-century Spain. (In the first three verses and the final verse, the initial letters of the lines spell out "Dunash".) The poem has become a piyyut traditionally sung on shabbat to any number of melodies, including The Sloop John B and The Cups Song. One melody transitions smoothly into the Ballad of Gilligan's Island.

Of course, Israeli dances have been choreographed to many of these musical settings:

  • The most common, known as Dror Yikra, is a beginners' dance choreographed by Eliyahu Gamliel in 1970 to a melody by Moshe Ben Mush.
  • In the same year, Moshe Eskayo created a more difficult dance for the same melody, played much faster. This dance is usually known as "Dror Yikra (fast)" to distinguish it from Gamliel's dance.
  • The dance called Debka Dror (1987, David Alfassi) is done to a melody by Rachamim Chocima, with words from the piyyut.
  • The music to Yankele Levy's dance Shabbat Re'im (1982) also uses the lyrics from Dror Yikra, set to a completely different tune.
  • Another dance called Dror Yikra with the same words was done in 2013 by Gadi Bitton with music by Yonatan Razel.
  • The dance called Dror (2016, Tuvia Tischler) is another dance with the same words to a different melody by Yoni Ganot.
  • Moshiko (like Dunash, a HaLevi) choreographed a partner mixer called Dror Yikra in 1965, to another melody. The recording is instrumental and the words of the poem don't actually appear.


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