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Sababababoston (sometimes Sababababahston) is a dance party held periodically in the Boston area. It arose as a continuation of Samech Sameach in May 2014, because the attendees at that party expressed regret at having to wait ten years for the next one.

The party is typically held on Saturday nights at Todos Dance and Fitness Studio in Natick, MA, just outside Boston. In addition to the large main dance hall, the facility has a smaller studio used for parallel sessions, usually teaching. There is also a separate room where snacks and drinks are served.

Admission is $10, traditionally waived for people who come from afar, for children under 13, and for anyone older than Larry Denenberg, the host.

25 February 2017

The fourth SabababaBoston took place on Saturday night, February 25 2017. Guest programmers were Lauren A. Schneider Lipton, Jennifer Alana, Nomie Tu, and Rebecca Graber. BaDerech L'Tavor was taught by Becca Rausch and Halleluyah L'Gal by Larry Denenberg. SabababaBostonBingo was enjoyed by all.

The full program of the evening.

Facebook event page here, including survivors picture.

21 November 2015

The third SabababaBoston took place on Saturday night, November 21 2015. The guest programmer/teacher was Israel Yakovee, who taught Matar and Ya'Alah. Supplemental ("mustard") teaching by Edy Greenblatt (Ein Li Ish Milvadi, Im Ninalu), Becca Rausch (Abba Shimon), and Erica Goldman (Yemenite Rap). The food and drink was coordinated by Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph. Larry Denenberg did not attend due to illness in his family.

The full program of the evening (encoded UTF-8).

9 May 2015

Surprise guest programmer from Los Angeles: Latishya Steele. Partner sets programmed by Yossi Almani and Karen Kaplan. Supplemental ("mustard") teaching by Latishya (Yam Tichoni), Erica Goldman (VaTikach Miryam, Et Lirkod, Gibor Shel Ima), and Becca Rausch (Tarbouka). Food coordinated by Sara Timoner.

The full program of the evening.

25 October 2014

Wristbands, created by Erica

The first SabababaBoston, then called MesibaBaBoston, took place on Saturday evening, 25 October 2014, at Extreme DanceSport in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was notable for being the first remotely-programmed harkada: Dances were selected by markidim Yaron Carmel and Elad Shtamer, working from Yaron's house in Zichron, northern Israel.

Yaron and Elad controlled the program using TeamViewer, a remote-desktop tool. They were able to act as though they were sitting at the computer in Cambridge that was attached to the sound system and running the DJ software (MegaSeg). In addition, a Google Hangout permitted them to see and hear the crowd and vice versa. Their program was projected on a screen using custom software, and a Google Drive document was used to provide a request list, editable by the crowd and visible to the programmers.

The event was sponsored and planned by Larry Denenberg, Erica Goldman, Alexis Maharam, Becca Rausch, and Latishya Steele, though Latishya was unable to attend. Dave Beckman provided considerable technical resources, and Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph coordinated the food and drink. Before general dancing, Erica taught Sababa and Becca taught Valentino.

The full program of the evening.

The Facebook event page, with pictures.