Rakdu Yecheifim

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Hebrew: רקדו יחפים (They Danced Barefoot). Circle dance by Shmulik Gov-Ari, 1993 or in some sources 1994.

The song, by Yehuda Poliker, is called Heim Rakdu Yecheifim (from his 1992 album "לעיניך הכחולות", For Your Blue Eyes). The dance is also sometimes called Rokdim Yecheifim, "They Dance Barefoot" or perhaps "Barefoot Dancers". So which is it? Shmulik writes:

THE Original name is ״הם רקדו יחפים״ HEM RAKDU ,,,,
It was too long so I shorted “RAKDU YECHEFIM” and because of a typo it become ROKDIM ,,,,
It was OK with me because I didn’t change the meaning.[1]

So take your pick.

References and Links

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