Palestine Dances!

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Palestine Dances! (alternative subtitle: Folk Dances of Palestine as Set Down by Corrine Chochem and Muriel Roth), is a 64 page hard cover book by Corrine Chochem and Muriel Roth, published in 1941 by Behrman's Jewish Book House. Drawings by Moses Soyer, photographs by John Mills, Jr.

Note that before 1948 Israel was called Palestine.

Each dance is explained and there is music with chords and the words in Hebrew, English and English transliteration.

There are drawings to illustrate hand holds and pictures of dancers showing interesting parts of each dance.

Of the 14 dances, the few that some people still do today are Yeminah Yeminah, the Hora, Cherkessiya, Debka (very similar to Debka Debka) and Scher.