Noam Hatzlilim

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Hebrew נועם הצלילים. Circle dance by Ofer Tzofi. The dance music is purely instrumental. The music is originally from the song Ovdan Hatimimut אובדן התמימות (Loss of Innocense) by Ishay Levi. The Rokdim video credits the arrangement for the dance to Yoni Ya'ish.

In the Rokdim video Ofer says the name of the dance comes from the names of his two children, Noam and Tzlil (which is somewhat ironic considering the name of the original song). In addition he states that the long transition with a tarbuka near the end of the dance was added to the original music. It is also noteworthy that Ofer retained music from the original song that requires 4 short transitions in the choreography.


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