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Nirkoda Ba'Kerem is an Israeli dance camp in Northern California, founded by Aaron Alpert. The camp includes a wine tasting event.

Annual Events

Nirkoda session with Yaron Malihi, October 28, 2017.

October 27-30, 2017 - This was the first Nirkoda Ba'Kerem scheduled at URJ Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, California. The staff was: Yaron Malihi (choreographer and teacher), Mitch Ginsburgh (choreographer and teacher), Shirley Smith (DJ), Aaron Alpert (director), Latishya Steele (assistant director). However, the camp was destroyed by the Tubbs Fire about three weeks before the event[1]. The camp was canceled. However, as much of the staff and out-of-town participants had non-refundable airline tickets, a special session was held at Congregation Etz Chayim in Palo Alto, CA. Yaron taught two new dances, Safart and Al Tishali.

November 21-24, 2019 - This camp will take place at Wonder Valley Ranch & Resort, in Sanger, California. Staff: Yaron Malihi (choreographer and teacher), Mitch Ginsburgh (choreographer and teacher), Latishya Steele (DJ and assistant director), Aaron Alpert (director).

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  1. Christi Warren, Camp Newman north of Santa Rosa lost in Tubbs fire, "The Press Democrat"