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Hebrew: נעמי. Alternative name: Ani Cholem Al Naomi. Alternative spellings: Na'omi, Neomi, Ne'omi.

Two versions exist, one by Yoav Ashriel and one by Bentzi Tiram, both choreographed in 1969. Both are two-wall line dances.

The version done in the eastern United States is Ashriel's, but differs in several ways from the original. Most notably, the dance fits the music slightly differently, so that its steps fall at a different point in the melody. Furthermore, in the US the dance is done in two facing lines, with the lines passing through each other as the dancers turn to face the second wall. Presumably these discrepancies are the result of inaccurate teaching (also known as "the folk process") when the dance came to the US.

Tiram's version is the one generally done in the western US.

Some sources mention a line dance to the same music by Shlomo Bachar, but he denies having made any such dance[1].

There is also an unrelated circle (not line) dance called Naomi choreographed in 2004 by Yoram Sasson to different music.


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Versions of Naomi at

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Notes for Ashriel's version as done in Israel, closely matching the above video (transcribed by Tirza Hodes).

Video (from Hora Keff 2005) of Ashriel's version as done in the US, with a possible extra turn.

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