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Arabic: مدبره ("Unfortunate Woman"). Circle dance by Yaron Malichi, 2019.

The song is performed by A-WA (Arabic: ايوه, "Yes"), a group consisting of three sisters Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim. They started recording songs learned from their paternal grandparents, who were from San'a, the capital of Yemen, and who came to Israel during Operation Magic Carpet in 1950.

In addition to Mudbira, the group has recorded several songs used for dances: Habib Galbi (the first song in Arabic to hit #1 on the Israeli pop charts), Shir Eres Teimani, Wa Ismail, Ya Rait, Ya Watani, and others.

The music video for Mudbira tells the story of three women whose flock of sheep is stolen. With the help of three male dancers, they locate the thieves and serve them poisoned food, killing them. The sounds of bleating and bells at the end come from their recovered flocks.

The lyrics are pretty much independent of the story. The recurring chorus translates "O small one, you are an unfortunate woman, stay with us, where will you go from here?"

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