Minimal-Contact Partner Dances

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During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic many "virtual" sessions have arisen, using Zoom or other tools. More information about these sessions is here.

Partner dancing is, of course, particularly challenging in such sessions. One approach, suggested independently by Latishya Steele and Penny Brichta, is to concentrate on partner dances where the partners have little or no contact with each other and presumably no contact with other couples. On this page we collect these dances.

For purposes of measuring contact, we ignore a simple handhold if the dance doesn't suffer when the handhold is omitted, something of a subjective judgement. In the list below, an asterisk denotes a dance that is intrinsically minimal-contact, that is, the partners touch almost nowhere even without dropping a handhold.

(We also might ask for maximal-contact dances, those where the partner connection is particularly close, definitely to be used at the very first in-person sessions post-Corona! A couple of these are Chagigat Aviv and Emek Sheli, surely there are others.)

Dance Name
Adama Admati
Ahava Ktzara
At Malach
Chiyuchim BaBoker
El HaDerech
Etz HaRimon
Ez VaKeves
Ilu Tziporim*
Leil Galil
Ma SheYacholnu Lihiyot
Neurei Zahav
Orcha BaMidbar (Yamin U'Smol)
Se'i Yona
Shir HaChatuna*
Shir LeMa'anech
Tov SheBat
VeDavid Yafeh Einayim