Mayim Mayim

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Hebrew: מים מים ("Water, Water"). Dance by Else I. Dublon, 1937.

From her letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post, sometime in the '60s or '70sCitation needed:

I created the dance "Mayim, Mayim" and staged it together with Yehuda Sharett on the occasion of the water festival at Na'an when water was found there after a seven-year search. We took the dance to many kibbutzim in the Emek and Jordan Valley in the late thirties and from then on it was adopted by many more kibbutzim around the country.

I was also present at the first dance festival at Dalia in 1944 and at that time I pointed out to Gurit Kadman ... that my name was misisng from the printed programme ... Her answer was that this was a great compliment to me, since the first Israeli folk dance was born thus, i.e. when the choreographer becomes anonymous.


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