Lirkod Neged HaZerem

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Hebrew: לרקוד נגד הזרם. "Dancing Against the Flow"


The autobiography of Moshiko Halevy.

Published by DocoStory, 2017.

You cannot run your profession by being a sweet person. The reason that I'm surviving up to now, and I'm 83, is because I'm swimming against the momentum of everyone else, because of the specialty of my work.

I got a card: Moshiko is getting better every year. For me it's not so much a compliment as a commitment and obligation. . . . I had a teacher who told me: When people compliment you, don't get dizzy from it, don't think you can stop. This is my motto, not to disappoint the people, people that are expecting from me. If I knew that I disappoint any dancing group, I would hang my dancing shoes in the wall.[1]

Reference and Notes

  1. Interview, June 2015 (not from the book)