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Hebrew: לבי. Circle dance by Yuval Ma'ayan Tabashi. Not to be confused with Libi Er, circle dance of the same era by Gadi Bitton.

The melody is composed by Antashi Friadman (Friedman?) and sung by Levy Falkowitz.

The words of the song are based on the piyyut צמאה נפשי (Tsama Nafshi - my soul thirsts). This is typically found in Hebrew songbooks for Erev Shabbat (Friday evening). This piyyut was written by the famous medieval philospher and poet Abraham ibn Ezra.

A speaker of Modern Hebrew may find it difficult to understand the song lyrics. The song is sung in an Eastern European Ashkenazic Hebrew accent commonly spoken by several ultra-orthodox sects such as Belz, Satmar, and Vizhnitz. In fact according to his Facebook page, Levy Falkowitz is a member of Satmar.


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