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The "Israelisches Tanzhaus e.V." is a registered charity ("e.V" is a legal title in Germany and stands for "eingetragener Verein" - registered charity) based in Munich and founded in 1992 by Matti Goldschmidt. According to its statutes, the ITH promotes Israeli folk dancing in Germany (and also in Austria and Switzerland). On November 24, 2017, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the ITH was honoured by the Lord Mayor of the City of Munich, Dieter Reiter, with a certificate for "its contribution to the cultivation of folk dance."[1] [2].


  • The first activity of the ITH was the organization of a dance trip to Israel in 1993. 43 participants joined back then Matti Goldschmidt as the dance and tour leader. Until 2013 16 more dance trips took place under his leadership.
  • Since 1994 the ITH hosted annually two choreographers or session leaders for a weekend seminar in Munich, until 2020 a total of 53 weekend seminars were organized. The first choreographer to come to Munich under the auspices of the ITH was Moshiko Halevy.
  • In 1995 the 1st Machaneh Aviv took place, with guest choreographer Yankele Levi.
  • In 2007 the 1st Hora Sheleg took place, a dance camp for beginners.

Weekend Seminars

So far thirty-nine choreographers and/or session leaders from Israel and the U.S.A. were invited to Munich for a total of 53 weekends; camp director: Matti Goldschmidt.

Our 54th weekend with Yaron Carmel had to be postponed due to the corona crisis.

For a list of dances taught at the weekend seminars please open this website

The list with 39 entries is in alphabetical order:

Machol Germania

So far eighteen choreographers and/or session leaders from Israel were invited to Germany for a total of twenty-four 5-day-camps; camp director: Matti Goldschmidt. The venue of the first three camps was in Hesselberg (west of Nuremberg). Since 1999 the camp took place in Pappenheim (south of Nuremberg). The first camp under the name Machaneh Aviv took place in 1995.

Our 25th dance camp with Ilai Szpiezak had to be postponed in the years 2020 and 2021 due to the corona crisis and is scheduled for 2022.

For a list of dances taught at the dance camps please open this website

The list with 18 entries is in alphabetical order:

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