Im Ninalu

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Hebrew: אם ננעלו, "If [the Doors] Are Locked". Dances by Eliyahu Gamliel (1974) and by Israel Yakovee (1975).

Each dance has its own music that can't be used for the other dance, that is, these are not "Double" dances. Gamliel's dance is done to a Yemenite folk tune with lyrics from the Diwan. Yakovee's dance has two sections: the first starts with lyrics from another song in the Diwan, Yom Ezkerah Cheti (יום אזכרה חטאי), then it speeds up (the steps remain the same) and the lyrics change to Im Ninalu, which continues in the second part.

Both dances are two-wall line dances---dancers face the same direction and turn 180 degrees (π radians) each time through the dance. (This fact seems like an unusual coincidence.) The second part of Yakovee's dance is one-wall.

On July 14, 2011, at Yoav Sidi's "Special & Forgotten Dances" session of the Karmiel Dance Festival, Gamliel and Yakovee each taught their version of Im Ninalu.


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