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Hebrew: הורה יין. Circle dance by Shlomo Maman, 1982.

The last four counts of the dance are done as twists in place, up and down. But there's typically disagreement over whether they go up-down-up-down or down-up-down-up, and also whether they start right or left. So there seem to be four ways to do the dance.

In fact, all four are wrong, though one is close: The twist correctly starts one beat earlier. Just before these four twists you back out of the center in three (not four) steps, R-L-R, and the fourth count is a turn down and left. Then the four twists are up-down-up-down, starting right, so it looks like five twists all together.

The second part consists of two jump turns to the right, then two slides to the right, then again two jump turns and two slides. In many places, especially Boston, this has become simply eight jump turns to the right. (If you do this it's important to progress rightward during the turns so you don't collide with people doing the dance correctly.) After these eight turns the third part starts with a half turn to face out, so it's really a total of 8.5 turns, or 17π radians.

Finally, note that it's correct to bring your hands up high in the middle of the first part, after moving to the left.

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