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Hora Sheleg is a camp in the Southern Bavarian Alps near the village of Schliersee (Germany). The Hebrew word "sheleg" means snow. The first camp took place from Dec 29, 2007 until Jan 1, 2008 (it normally includes Sylvester). The 4-5 day camp was created by Matti Goldschmidt and the Israelisches Tanzhaus as course for beginners with beginners' dances, starting with the very first basic steps like grapevine, Yemenite, and others. Hora Sheleg is also open for folk dance teachers who are interested in didactical progress and/or who would like to learn some of the old Israeli pioneer dances.

For a list of the dances having been taught so far please open this list.

The 8th Hora Sheleg is scheduled for Dec 28th, 2014 - Jan 1st, 2015.

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