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Hebrew: הורה. Circle dance by Shlomo Maman, 1982.

The composer and singer of Hora is Avi Toledano. The lyrics were written by the great poet Yoram Taharlev.

The song won second place in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1982. It received 100 points, narrowly edging out Switzerland's "Amour on t'aime" with 97 and Belgium's "Si tu aimes ma musique" with 96. All of these were blown away by the first place winner, Germany's "Ein bißchen Frieden" sung by Nicole, with 161 points.

The word "hora" means "whore, prostitute" in Swedish. It has been rumored that the song lost at Eurovision for this reason, and indeed could not even be performed. The latter assertion is demonstrably false, as the link below attests; in fact, the song was performed fifteenth (by luck of the draw). No evidence or source has been found for these claims.

There are other dances called simply "Hora", at least one (by Yankele Levy) uses the same music.


Lyrics with translation

Avi Toledano performing "Hora" at Eurovision 1982. Note the microphone near-collision at 2:01

Nicole performing "Ein bißchen Frieden", the 1982 Eurovision winner

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