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Hilulim is a dance camp in the northeastern USA run jointly by Yossi Almani and Karen Kaplan.


Hilulim Israeli dance camp began as Camp Hilula, in November 1999 at the Paramount Hotel in Parksville, NY. It was directed by Miriam Handler and Shlomo Maman, with assistance from Yossi Almani. Teachers in Hilula 1999 included Shlomo Maman, Gadi Bitton, Yaron Carmel and Yaron Ben Simhon. After a year's hiatus, Hilula was reborn as Hilulim in 2001, and has continued every November since that time. Hilulim teachers almost always include Gadi Bitton, Yaron Ben Simhon and Yaron Carmel, and occasionally other choreographers/teachers as well. US-based choreographers Moshe Eskayo, Naftaly Kadosh and Danny Uziel often participate in Hilulim weekends.

Hilulim dance weekends regularly include concerts by Israeli singers who are known for songs to which there are popular dances. Past guest singers to Hilulim have included Avihu Medina, Reuven Erez, Micha Biton and Sagiv Cohen.

Hilulim 2013

Hilulim 2013 took place from Thursday October 31 to Sunday November 3, at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa in Kerhonksen, New York (formerly the Granite Hotel). The teaching staff was Gadi Bitton, Yaron Ben Simhon, and Yaron Carmel, with guest singer Sagiv Cohen.

Taught by Gadi Bitton: Az Tirkedi (p), Eifo At Hayom (c), Hasimcha Sheli (p), Olam (c), Yaffa Kalevana (p), Halev (c)

Taught by Yaron Ben Simhon: Tirkedi (c), Aneni Bashirim (c), Tamid Elayich (p), Tarmil (c), Kimat Shir Ahava (p)

Taught by Yaron Carmel: Ad Shetachazor (c, Kobi Michaeli), Nagat Li Balev (p, Tamir Shalev), Ad Chatzot Rokedet (c, Moshiko Halevy), Zer Shel Shoshanim (p, Avner Naim)

HiluliMAY 2016

Spring Hilulim took place over Memorial Day weekend, 2016, in Kerhonksen.

Taught by Yaron Ben Simchon: Im Milim (c), Lochesh Beleilotaich (p), Tzemed Ayalot (c), Lifney She’yigamer (p)

Taught by Gadi Biton: Be’chamesh Sheniot (c), Tisa 5325 (c), Rikud Hau’eurim (Ma’agalim) (p), Acharey Kol Ha’shanim (p), Ha’choref Maley Ga’a’guim (c)

Taught by Yaron Carmel: Yamim Yagidu (Israel Shiker) (p), Chon Tachon (Itzik Ben Dahan) (c), Derech Kol Ha’ahavot (Tamir Shalev) (c)

Taught by Shmulik Gov-Ari: Afa Al Kulam (c)

Taught by Tamir Sherzer: Ve’az Tavoi (p), Etz Alon (c)

Taught by Nona Malki: Bricha (p), At Ha'osher (p)

Taught by Yosi Cohen: Odelia (p)


Hilulim website.