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ראו דף זה בעברית

To create a new page, first be sure you're logged in, then type the name of the new page into the search box and click the search icon (or press "enter"). If the page already exists, you'll go to it. If the page doesn't exist, the first search result will be a link that lets you create the page.

Alternatively, when a link is in red, it leads to a nonexistent page. Click the link and you can create the page.

Once you create a page, you edit it like any other page.

Notes on creating pages

The name of a page can contain spaces. Capitalization matters, except that the first letter is automatically capitalized.

Some kinds of pages have specific requirements. These are nice to do, but don't worry about them if you're inexperienced; someone else can always add them later.

  • If you create a page for a specific dance, put the following at the bottom: [[Category:Dances]]. This will add the page to the Dances page in the Navigation list. (A quick-start guide for creating a page for an individual dance is here.) The other automatically-generated categories are:
    • [[Category:People]] for the People page
    • [[Category:Sessions]] for the Sessions page
    • [[Category:Performing Groups]] for the Performing Groups page
    • [[Category:Events]] for the Events page (camps, workshops, festivals)
    • [[Category:Publications]] for the Publications page (books, periodicals)
  • If you create a new page for a specific dance, please also add a link to the dance's entry at To do this, add {{AussieDance|NNNN}} to the bottom of the page, where 'NNNN' is the dance's ID number at (You get this ID number by finding the dance there and resting your mouse over the dance name.) You can similarly link to the dances video at Rokdim with {{Rokdim|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX}} but it's a little harder to find the ID.