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Hebrew: הרשות, "Permission". Circle dance by Margolit Oved, 1957. (Moshiko's partner dance of the same name is done to different music.)

This dance seems divinely created for teaching the Yemenite step; the first part consists entirely of eight Yemenites. The subsequent three parts are also extremely easy, yielding an ideal beginners' dance.

The only trick comes in the fourth part: Step L to L, cross R in front of L to L, repeated ten times. Though the step is trivial, a section with a count of ten is by itself unusual.

But more: Since the rest of the dance is done on the right foot, the third section ends with a fudge to free up the left foot, and the fourth section ends with a fudge to return to the right foot. The dance would be even simpler if the fourth part were done to the right, eliminating the fudges: Step R to R, cross L in front of R to R. And indeed, the dance is done this way in many places, with the correct version not even recognized. It is unknown whether this directional shift was originally a deliberate simplification or just a misremembered step.

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