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Page 73 of the 2019 edition, showing the Israeli dances that have been covered over the years. enlarge

Annual periodical by Ron Houston, published by the Society of Folk Dance Historians since 1987.

Each issue of the Problem Solver examines roughly thirty dances in exhaustive detail, explaining whatever is known about the name, the provenance, the music, and of course the steps and their variations. Complete lyrics are often included. Dances from dozens of origins are addressed: Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, Serbia, Sweden, USA, and many others.

At most a few Israeli dances are included in each issue, though more Israeli dances have appeared over time than those of any other single source. The Israeli dances date to the 1970s at the latest, since older dances are those where research is most needed.

The Problem Solver is available via the Society of Folk Dance Historians.

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The treatment of Cherkessia / Cherkessia Kfula from the 2009 Problem Solver (used by permission)