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Dances where the first time a specific step is used.

If you find an earlier use of a step, please make the appropriate correction.

Please keep this table in alphabetical order.

Step Name First Israeli Dance With The Step Year Choreographer Notes
Cherkesiya Step Cherkesiya 1941 folk (Circassian?)
Debka Twist Hora Agadati 1924 Baruch Agadati
Double Cherkesiya Step Cherkesiya Kfula 1948 folk (Circassian?)
Harmonika Step Harmonika 1945 Rivka Sturman
Lift Partner
Line Dance
Mayim Step Mayim Mayim 1937 Else Dublon
Na'aleh Step Na'aleh Na'aleh 1986 Shmlulik Gov Ari
Partners Back to Back
Partners Face to Face
Partners Side by Side
Paso Doble
Pivot turn
Polka Turn Hakotzrim 1940 Gurit Kadman ?
Trio Dance ? Troika is a Russian dance
Turn in Non-Partner Dance
Waltz Step
Yareach Limon Yareach Limon 2000 Kobi Michaeli
Yemenite Step Orcha Bamidbar (Yamin Usmol) 1947 Yonatan Karmon ?


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