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The first dance choreographed.

Where possible, it's preferred to list the choreographer's own statement of which is his or her first dance, rather than to rely on a chronological list (which may be inaccurate or imprecise). "IDCD" as a source means the database.

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Choreographer First Dance Year Source / Notes
Seadia Amishai Adama Admat 1957 1959* IDCD, Rokdim*
Dudu Barzilai Bila Yanas 1993 IDCD
Dani Dassa Vaynikeyhu 1955 IDCD, uncertain
Moshiko Halevy Debka Uriah 1959 Moshiko's stories
Naftali Kadosh Tal 1985 IDCD
Israel Yakovee Shoshanat Teiman 1977 Yakovee's assertion, though dances with earlier dates appear in IDCD