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Diwan title page
Diwan page 210, with lyrics to Moshiko's partner dance Asal

The word diwan (Hebrew דיוואן), originally Persian, can mean any collection of songs or poetry. It often means a collection of poems by a single author.

Among Yemenite Jews, "The Diwan" invariably refers to a semi-sacred collection of poems and songs compiled and mostly or entirely written by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, 1619–1720, who was known as the "Poet of Yemen". See the references for links to further information on Shabazi.

The following dances are done to music whose lyrics are drawn from the Diwan. (This is a list of dances, not songs; it's common for a poem to be set to music many times.) The section and page references are from a version of the Diwan published in 1966; see the illustration.

Name Page Section
Ahava Ra'aya 117 שירות אות א
Ahavat Hadassah 8 שירים אות א
Al Levavi 8 שירים אות א
Amalel Shir 149 שירות אות א
Asal 210 שירות אות א
Ashreichem Yisrael 631 עניין חגים
Ayelet Chen 632 עניין חתנים
Ayuma (Moshiko) 141 שירות אות א
Ayuma BeHar HaMor 145 שירות אות א
Bat Teman 500 שירות אות ס
Betzet Chatan 638 עניין חתנים
Eheye Asher Eheye 12 שירים אות א
Et Dodim Kala 80 שירים אות ע
Im Ninalu (Yakovee, part 1) 47 שירים אות י
(Shuvi) Klilat Hod 93 שירים אות ש
Ki Eshmera 592 עניין שבת
Kirya Yefefiya (Moshiko) 86 שירים אות ק
LaNer VeLibesamim 616 למוצאי שבת
LeFelach HaRimon 642 עניין חתנים
Oneg Shabbat 592 עניין שבת
Raiti BaChalom 87 שירים אות ר
Reiach Hadas 88 שירים אות ר
S'ee Yona 491 שירות אות ס
Sapri Tama / Sapari 500 שירות אות ס
Shabbat Menucha 610 עניין שבת
Shalom LeVo Shabbat 612 עניין שבת
Shir Zmirot (Maman) 585 עניין שבת
Shma HaEl 609 עניין שבת
Yashkef Elohim 63 שירים אות י
Zafeh 632 עניין חתנים

In addition, the following dances are listed as having lyrics by Shabazi; these lyrics presumably appear somewhere in the Diwan. The dances should be inserted in the table above when the exact location is known.

Ahya = Ahavat Shadai
Ashbiacha = Kirya Yefefiya
Bat Melachim
Bat Teiman = Sapari
BeTsel Kanfei Shechina
Eshal Elohai
Im Ninalu (Yakovee / Gamliel)
Ma Tov
Sar HaMemuneh
Shirim Ashorer
Shuvi Yefefiyah
Tama Temima

Moshiko has created a dance Diwan, for which he wrote the music and lyrics.


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