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Hebrew: דבקה לרדן, "Larden's Debka". Circle dance by Moshe Eskayo, 2004.


Debka Larden was choreographed in honor of the fiftieth birthday of Larry Denenberg. It was commissioned by Denenberg's wife, Rachael Rosner. It is thought to be the first commissioned Israeli folkdance in existence, followed later by Becca Rausch's Bereshit Bara. (There are unconfirmed reports that Horat He-Asor and Hora Mamtera were earlier commissioned dances.)

As might be expected, Debka Larden is virtually unknown outside the northeastern United States, and is not very well known even there. The part that is well known, however, is a set of four sways, during which everyone in the room shouts "Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry." This custom was made popular by Eileen Weinstock, Eskayo's long-time friend and co-teacher.

The music for Debka Larden was composed by Antonis Kalkantzakos. It appears on an album called Δε Με Νοιάζει Για Μένα (I Don't Care About Myself), assembled by DJ Kostas Monaxos. The track, #14, is called just "Tsifteteli (Dance Mix)". A tsifteteli is a generic dance popular in Greece, Turkey, and surrounding regions; see the links for more information.

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