Debka Lahat

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Hebrew: דבקה להט, Debka of Flame, or Incandescent Debka, or the like. Circle dance by Danny Uziel 1963, and one-wall line (block) dance by Yankele Levy, 1968. The music, by Ami Gilad, is the same for both.

Yankele's dance is now the more popular worldwide. Uziel's dance seems never to have reached Europe or Israel, but is still done in some venues in North America.

Uziel's dance was originally called Mechol HaLahat (Hebrew: מחול הלהט), and Yankele's was called Debka Lahat, possibly to distinguish it and certainly not because it's in debka style. Over time both dances have been called by both names. "Mechol HaLahat" now refers to Yankele's dance almost everywhere.

In some places, notably Boston, Yankele's dance is done in facing lines, with the dancers clapping hands with each other as they move forward in the last part.

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