Debka Keff

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Hebrew: דבקה כיף (Fun Debka, or possibly "Debka for Hora Keff"). Circle dance by Moshe Eskayo, 1994.

Debka Keff is a complex dance, comprising four nontrivial figures plus chorus. The sequence is chorus, first figure, chorus, second figure, chorus, third figure, chorus, fourth figure, followed by the four figures serially with no chorus. This pattern is discussed further here.

The dance has a fun creation story. Moshe heard the tune while driving on the highway. He immediately stopped and created most of the dance on the side of the road. But before he finished, a policeman cited him with a ticket and summons to court, presumably for suspicious behavior. On the day of his hearing, Moshe danced Debka Keff for the judge and the ticket was dropped.[1]



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