Dances of the Twentieth Century

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Dances of the Twentieth Century was a spoof flyer created by Larry Denenberg and distributed at Hora Keff 1993. It purported to advertise a dance camp scheduled for August 2007, and made indirect references to many events that supposedly took place during the intervening fourteen years, such as the death of Moshe Eskayo and Larry's marriage to Danny Pollock.

The flyer was distributed secretly, giving no hint to its authorship, though an internal clue points to Ken Avner. (The truth came out later that evening.)

This page should explain all the jokes embedded in the flyer. But it doesn't.

At the MIT Christmas Marathon of 2000, a survey was distributed asking for the best dances of the twentieth century, retroactively fulfilling the prediction of the flyer. The results were, to say the least, a little weird. For example, one respondent proposed Riverdance as the best Israeli dance of all time.

No attempt was made in 2007 to hold the actual event.