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This page explains how to create a new page for an individual dance. You don't have to do it this way, but it's nice to have a consistent appearance across all the dance pages.

You need a HoraWiki account to create (or edit) a page, and you must be logged in. If you don't have an account, start here.

Start by searching for the dance's exact name in the search bar at the top of any page. For example, search for Hora Dugma; if that page doesn't already exist, the first line of results will say "Create the page "Hora Dugma" on HoraWiki". Just click the red "Hora Dugma" and you'll get to a page "Creating Hora Dugma", ready to go. (This assumes that the page doesn't exist already, and also that you're logged in.)

Here's the typical contents of a new page, which we'll explain line by line. Copy it and paste it into your new page, then delete stuff you don't need.

Hebrew: הורה דוגמה (Sample Hora). Circle dance by [[Choreographer Name]], 2010.

Whatever it is you want to say about the dance goes here.
Might be one paragraph, might be thousands of words.

=== References ===


=== Links ===

{{AussieRokdim |1234 |5abd2971db5cc2783c8b4591}}

{{Dancelists|[[Original Music]]}}


  • The first line is pretty obvious. The square brackets around the choreographer name make a link to the choreographer's HoraWiki page. Just leave out anything you don't know.
  • Next comes all the stuff you want to explain about the dance. That's why you're here. Go at it!
  • [Optional] The two lines about references are needed only if you use citations as explained here. Otherwise delete them.
  • Next we have the "Links" section. Put any external links of your own here.
  • [Optional] The "AussieRokdim" line creates links to the dance's entry in the fabulous Australian database and to the dance's video at Rokdim. You must fill in the two strings after the vertical bars. The first, a small number, is the dance's Australian ID number. Find the dance there and look for "DanceID" in the URL. The second is always 24 numbers and letters: the dance's ID at Rokdim. Again, find the video and look in the URL.
  • [Optional] The dance you're adding may already appear in one of the wiki's many lists of dances. (The search you did at the beginning will show any such lists.) The "Dancelists" line adds a pointer to the list; just put in the name of the list. Here's how to do it if the dance appears in more than one list:
    {{Dancelists | [[Moshiko's descendants]] {{·}} &nbsp; [[Eponymous Dances]] {{·}} &nbsp; [[First Creations]] }}
  • The final line is important. It causes this page to be automatically indexed on the page of all dances. Don't forget it!

Once you're finished, click "Show preview" to see how things look. You'll probably have to fix things because of missing quotes or punctuation or whatever. When you're happy, click "Save changes" to create the page.

One last thing: If you think there's more to say about the dance, put {{stub}} after the first line. This marks the page as needing more content. Feel free to check all the stub pages here and see if you can improve them.

Don't worry about making mistakes; someone can always fix them later, and there's no way you can break anything. Good luck!