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Very few folkdance sessions still use vinyl records, cassettes, or even CDs; virtually all have switched to some sort of DJ software on a laptop, tablet, or dedicated music device such as an iPod. On this page we compare the most popular DJ software systems, with emphasis on features most useful for typical harkadot.

AMPS MegaSeg DJ Power Winamp iTunes Mixxx
Platform Windows only Mac only Windows XP only (Win 7 version is "in beta") Windows, Mac, Android Window, Mac, Linux
Cost $40 basic, $100 pro, $200 with VMM add-on package $99 basic, $199 pro Free Free Free Free
Multilingual support Yes (English, Hebrew) Yes Yes Yes No
Video support Yes Yes yes No
Ability to slow/speed tracks Yes Yes Yes Yes, by 3rd party plugin No Yes, and record
Database versus Live filesystem Database Live filesystem Live filesystem Live filesystem (but no removal) Database Live filesystem

Database versus Live filesystem

The distinction here is whether the software is able to detect changes on a filesystem such as whether new files are added or removed automatically. Most database systems are only able to see files explicitly added by the user, whereas live filesystem based backends can find files in specified directories.

MP3 tags

There is another distinction that has to do with mp3 tags. For example, in AMPS, if you edit the id3 tags, they will not be changed in the actual mp3 files, and if you change the tags in the actual files, they will not be changed automatically in AMPS--the tracks will need to be removed from AMPS and the mp3 file reloaded in order to see the changes. This is not the case with itunes, for example, where changes made in the music listings make actual changes in the tags.