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The Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston was sprouted in 1977 based on the founders' wish to create a great thing by sharing. The Festival continues to be organized on a volunteer basis by the Board of the Directors and the performers. It is sponsored by Campus Activities Complex at MIT.

The 2022 Boston IFDF is scheduled Sunday March 27 at 3pm in MIT's Kresge Auditorium. Every Festival is preceded by a free and open to the public dance and ice cream party held the night before, typically in the Newton or Brookline area.

The current Board of Directors is:

  • David Beckman
  • Aaron Bental (né Beckman)
  • Janie Chefitz
  • Shira Frager
  • Susan Gruber
  • Ruth Leah Kahan
  • George Kirby
  • Alexis Maharam
  • Renee Myers
  • Lianne Philipp (née Gross)
  • Ira Vishner
  • Rina Wagman

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