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Camp Bitnua (Hebrew: קמפ בתנועה) is an annual Israeli dance weekend in Eilat, Israel produced by Gadi Bitton. This "Festival Rikuday-Am" is held in November, with the first Camp Bitnua occurring in 2009. Bitnua features three dance tracks:

Advanced - designed for dancers that have been dancing several times a week for more than 5 years. The morning sessions include teaching of 15 brand new dances that have never been taught as well as older unique and special dances. The night marathon features dances from all levels and styles and the dances taught in the morning sessions.

Intermediate - designed for dancers that have been dancing for around 5 years. Morning sessions in this track include teaching of approximately 30 dances, of which 15 are advanced popular dances and 15 are brand new dances that have never been taught before. The intermediate track also includes teaching of basics such as lifts and advanced steps. Every evening ends with a dancing marathon that will feature intermediate level dances and the new dances taught in the morning sessions.

Beginners - designed for people who are interested in making their first steps in Israeli folk dancing. Participants in this track learn around 70 dances. In addition the classes will include basics such as rhythm, holds and steps.

Camp Bitnua often devotes an evening to honoring a choreographer who has significantly impacted Israeli dancing. In 2013, Moshiko Halevy was highlighted for his contributions to Israeli folk dancing. In 2014, Moshe Eskayo will be the honoree.

The camp participants fill 3 hotels and number around 1500 each year. Staff include about a dozen Israeli choreographers and markidim.


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