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Avre Tu / אוורה טו
, Roni Siman-Tov (1983)
, Haparvarim / Itzchak Levi

The song as recorded by the Israeli duo Parvarim. Avre Tu the dance was created in 1983 by Israeli choreographer Roni Siman Tov. Source: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/2nd-generation-dances/avre-tu-puerta-cerrada-sephardic-jews/



Avre tu puerta cerrada,
qu´en tu balcòn luz no hay
el amor a ti te vela,
partemos Rosa, partemos de aqui.

Yo demandi por la tu hermozura,
como te la dio el Dio
la hermozura tuya es pura,
la meresco solo yo.

Open your closed door,
because there is no light on your balcony.
Love may protect you,
let us go, Rosa, let us go away from here.

I have prayed for your beauty,
which is given to you from God.
Your beauty is pure,
it´s reserved for me.

Source: http://hebrewsongs.com/?song=avretu

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