Al Tira

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Hebrew: אל תירא (Don't Be Afraid). Circle dance by Yonatan Karmon, 1952. Lyrics partially from Jeremiah chapter 46.

At Hilulim 2005, Karmon himself taught the dance to the camp (video linked below).

Most notably, Karmon explicitly states that the initial bending over done by virtually everyone was an "effect for stage" only, and that we should instead stand upright and balance R, L, followed by a strong leap R. (During the teaching and demo he invariably bends a bit himself for the two R stamps two counts later.)

There are many other interesting differences in the way he teaches it. One more: The very last part starts lean R, lean L, rather than a hora step in each direction as is more typically done.


Video of Karmon teaching and dancing at Hilulim.

Al Tira at

Video at Rokdim