Shimri Li Al HaManginah

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Hebrew: שמרי לי על המנגינה (Preserve the Melody for Me). Partner dance by Shlomo Maman, 1979.

Two pieces of the dance require special attention.

1) In the chorus, after the partners turn away from each other (along the line) and turn back, they change places not with a pasodoble, but both passing under the raised left hands.

2) Immediately after that section, the steps are as follows (same for each partner): Balance side to side RL (2 counts), rock back and forward RL (2 counts), then rock forward and back slowly RL with two counts for each step. That is, the section is four quick and two slow. (In the Rokdim video linked below, Maman says that this is "a piece that's very very very very problematic, everyone always gets it wrong." He's been known to stop the music mid-dance in a session to correct the crowd.)

Shimri Li Al HaManginah at

Video at Rokdim