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This is HoraWiki, a treasury of Israeli folkdance information that anyone can edit! To get started, visit the Home Page.‎

HoraWiki Pages

Gallery of logos used in the upper-left-hand corner

Comparison of DJ software

Irgun HaMarkidim

Steps In Time, a dancer's helper

Various lists of dances, including inter alia:

Where to Dance

Sessions in Israel

harokdim.org (Hebrew)

Rokdim (Hebrew/English)

Sessions around the world

Jewish Australia (English)

Rokdim (Hebrew/English)

Sessions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Israelisches Tanzhaus

Useful Links

IsraeliDances.com search engine

IsraeliDances.com search engine בעברית

Folkdancenotes.com, a large repository of transcribed folkdances (not just Israeli)

Stockton Camp dance descriptions (also not just Israeli)

The Society of Folk Dance Historians, and their own folkdance wiki

The Bible Project, a resource connecting Hebrew songs and Israeli dances with their original sources in the tanach

Words, translations, and music for selected dances, from Larry Denenberg's website

Rokdim video catalog and full catalog (Hebrew/English)