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Hebrew: נעלה ("We Will Go Up", or specifically "We Will Immigrate to Israel"). Often doubled: Na'ale Na'ale. Circle dance by Shmulik Gov-Ari, 1986.

The dance's third part starts with three steps into the center RLR, pivot on R over R shoulder to face out, then reverse: LRL and pivot on L over L shoulder to face in. At this point the singer voices "na'ale, na'ale". Combined with the popularity of the dance (due in part to its simplicity for beginners) "the na'ale step" became firmly established as the name of this sequence. However, Na'ale was certainly not the first dance to use it: This same sequence was used by Tzvi Hillman in Hava Nagila, 1960, and no doubt in other dances over the years. (More about first steps here.)

The ending of the fourth and final section is widely done wrong. Correctly, it consist of a four-count half turn RLRL followed by quick steps in place RLR,LRL leaning down, then up.

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