Machol Ha'am

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ברוכים הבאים להוֹרָוִויקִי, אוצר מידע לריקודי-עם שכולם יכולים לערוך! יש לגלוש ל– דף ראשי .‏
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Machol Ha'am (alternative subtitle: Dance of the Jewish People), is a book by Fred Berk, published in 1978 by the American Zionist Youth Foundation.

It has four parts.

1. The History Of Jewish Dance

  A. The Biblical Period by Shalom Hermon
  B. The Middle Ages by Sherry Rosen
  C. Israeli Folk Dance in Israel and America by Fred Berk
  D. Memorabilia [Photos of a poster of the first Jewish dance performance by Baruch Agadati in Palestine, a 15th century manuscript, dancing in displaced person camps, early choreographers, etc.]

2. Israeli Folk Dance Personalities

3. The Influence of Ethnic Dance

4. After the War [Yom Kippur War]