Ma Avarech

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ברוכים הבאים להוֹרָוִויקִי, אוצר מידע לריקודי-עם שכולם יכולים לערוך! יש לגלוש ל– דף ראשי .‏

Hebrew: מה אברך (How Shall I Bless [this Boy]). Partner dance by Moshe Eskayo, 1970. There are also little-known versions by Dani Dassa and by Yonatan Gabay.

The song was written by Rachel Shapira (music by Yair Rozenblum) in memory of her classmate Eldad Krook (b. 9/27/45) who was killed on June 6 1967 in the Six-Day War. It is traditionally performed on Yom HaZikaron in memory of all the fallen, and for that reason many consider it an inappropriate song for a dance.


A video of Moshe demonstrating the dance with Eileen Weinstock.

Lyrics in Hebrew with English and Italian translations.

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