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Articles at HoraWiki that are lists of dances sharing some characteristic.

Please keep this list of lists in alphabetical order.

  • Called dances - Dances where a leader controls the dancers by signaling upcoming steps.
  • "Double" dances - Instances where two or more choreographies exist to the same or to very similar music.
  • First Steps - Dances that are the first to use a specific step.
  • Leap Dances - In honor of the Gregorian leap year calendar, many dances that include a leap step.
  • Music vs Dance - Dances that have some unusual connection with their music.
  • Original Music - Dances that are usually done to a version of the music adapted from an original in another language.
  • Unusual Meters - Dances to songs with unusual meter, phrasing, or musical construction.

ראו דף זה בעברית

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