Debka Gid

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Hebrew: דבקה גיד (Tendon Debka). Circle dance by Moshe Eskayo, first taught at Hora Keff 1993.

Debka Gid is a complex but very popular dance. It has five sections which are danced through twice, in order, but with the two sequences interleaved: The second time through part 1 begins after the first time through part 3. The resulting sequence is 1-2-3-1-4-2-5-3-4-5 followed by some of part 1 as a coda.

The dance takes its name from Eskayo's Achilles tendon, which ruptured while he was teaching the new choreography to Eileen Weinstock. Their session, which took place in summer 1993, was taped and can be seen here; at 0:20 you can hear the tendon snap.

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